Wine tourism in Bodegas Bleda

Bodegas Bleda is a family winery founded in 1915. Since the beginning of the 20th century we are pioneers in wine bottling, being one of the first wineries that began selling this product in glass bottles. One of our first awards is with our wine Oro Viejo that won a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929.

Our Winery is located in the Omblancas Valley, a beautiful natural site just two kilometers from the town of Jumilla. The winery is surrounded by our vineyards.

The climate we have throughout the year, as well as the type of soil and the altitude of our vineyards form the perfect terroir for a slow ripening of the grapes. The result is wines with a perfectly balanced aroma and structure.

We grow our vineyards throughout the year with plenty of love and effort. All our Bleda team takes care carefully the vineyards and grapes during the whole year, even harvest time.

viñas bodegas Bleda

From our facilities and vineyards, you can observe the beauty of the different mountains that surround Jumilla. You can also clearly see a beautiful panoramic view of Cerro del Castillo. So, making a wine tourism route to our winery is a pleasure for the senses.

Viñas bodegas bleda

It is important to enjoy the natural environment, people try to get away on weekends to nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy all that natural landscapes offer you. Our area offers a great variety of places to take advantage of the natural environment.

So, we have prepared different wine tourism routes so you can contemplate the vineyards and explore the different parts of our winery, receiving a detailed explanation of the different phases of the process of making our Jumilla wines.

Visit our winery and vineyards also take a trip back in time to discover the origin and evolution of Bodegas Bleda. To finish the visit, with a tasting of our wines and let be seduced by the aromas, colors and flavors our wines.

Bodegas Bleda

Please check the different types of guided tour Bodegas Bleda is able to offer.