Wine tasting

If you wish to get to know us a little better and taste our wines you can visit us and tour our facilities located in El Paraje de Omblancas, in Jumilla. You will have the chance of contemplating the vineyards and seeing the main rooms of the winery, all while learning about the different stages of our wine elaboration process. We will finish the visit with a wine tasting conducted by en expert who will present you three of our wines. To book your visit get in touch with us via phone or email at and choose the option that suits you the best.

Degustación Bleda

· Brief winery tour.

· Tasting of 1 wine.


* From Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 | 15 to 18.

* Duration of the visit: 35 min. approximately.

Tour Bleda

· Tour of our facilities.
· Guided tasting of 3 wines.
· Complimentary appetizer.


* From Monday to Saturday 11:30am. Min: 6 people.

* Duration of the visit: 1h 30 min. approximately.

Experiencia Bleda

· Tour of our vineyards.
· Tour of our facilities.
· Guided tasting of 3 wines.
· Typical lunch.


* Saturday 11am. Min: 10 people.

* Duration of the visit: 2h 30 min. approximately.