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Wine store Bodegas Bleda has a wine selection for the most special occasions. Depending on the purpose of the event and the dishes that would be served, in our wine store you can choose a young red wine like Castillo de Jumilla Monastrell, a white wine like Pino Doncel Sauvignon Blanc or a rosé wine like Castillo de Jumilla, among other many high quality wines. You could choose your favourite wine so that you can enjoy every occasion in the most comfortable way. We will deliver them to your home so that everything you have to do is to enjoy them.

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Online wine store

Many people search on the internet for an online wine store that explains them the characteristics of every wine when they want to find the best option for a certain meal. Bodegas Bleda makes it easy for you to succeed in buying your wine. You will be come back home with the wine you were looking for. In our online wine store we work hard so you just have to relax and find the wine that best suits your needs.

Enjoy our carefully produced wine selection.