Wine of Jumilla: Tradition and parties


There is another great week –with the exception of the Holy Week- which is lived with an unusual fervor in Jumilla: the week of the Wine Festival or Fiesta de la Vendimia de Jumilla. The Jumilla Wine Festival is part of the most important events of the Fair and Festivals in Honor of Our Lady of the Assumption, which is held the 15th August.

La Fiesta de la Vendimia, declared Regional Tourist Interest, was created in 1972 after several meetings between winemakers, cooperatives, the festival comisión and the town hall. At the beginning, this festival was celebrated only during 2 days, but nowadays it takes 10 days of celebration. All the events organized are about wine and its culture, showing all its work: the harvest, the pressing, the preparation and tasting, organizing numerous activities for all ages where fun is guaranteed.

It will be celebrated the 48th Fiesta de la Vendimia de Jumilla this year 2019, which will be held from the 9th to the18th august. There will be a very large variety of activities, functions and competitions where enjoy the real meaning of this Wine Festival from the population of Jumilla.

If you want to participate in the Jumilla Wine Festival, you have to check out the Federation Club’s magazine where it is explained in detail every activity and event organized.

The Jumilla Wine Festival starts with the big party of the Passion of the Wine, an event in which Bodegas Bleda has been participing since its first edition. This party draws the attention not only of outsiders, but also of many professionals who take the opportunity to know first-hand the wines of Jumilla.

The next day, the Wine Fountain is started in the beautiful garden called Rey Don Pedro, from the XIXth century, in the center of Jumilla. The water of the fountain become as purple as wine, it is celebrated the Jumilla DO Wine Festival where you could find stands from different wineries, including Bodegas Bleda, which give to taste their wines. It will probably be held on Saturday 10 august. The opening hours are always the same, starting at 12 o’clock and ending at 15. The attendance at this festival offers a new opportunity to wine lovers to learn about our varieties.

The next great act of the Jumilla Wine Festival is the Traditional Parade, which goes down the streets of the city delighting all of the attendees distributing wines, sweets and delicacies typical of the locality: the people from Jumilla are generous giving to taste potato pies, sequillos, pirusas, love rolls … Exquisites even unknown for most of the population of the region, which surprise greatly everyone who dares taste them. If you are lucky, you could even leave with a bottle of wine. Every club marches with their traditional grape piker costume and the floats reproduce historical events related to wine, grape harvest and the city of Jumilla. It is a wonderful experience to be enjoyed by all ages and a great opportunity to know Jumilla, its wine, its gastronomy and its traditions.

The culmination of this festival is the Big Wine Parade where people from all over the country came to immerse themselves in rivers of wine which are spilled that day, dyeing not only the streets of Jumilla but everyone who dares to walk them. It is a unique experience that you cannot even imagine it: an authentic Bacchus ritual in the XXIth century. Be careful about what you wear that day, because you must say goodbye to it. We can assure you that you will not regret to come visit Jumilla during these magnificent days.

Jumilla’s win: a festive tradition