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Since 1915

In a land of immemorial winemaking tradition, Bodegas Bleda is a family-run company that dates back to 1902, when the Bleda family started a prosperous wine and olive oil business in Jumilla. The current business, however, wasn’t founded until 1915.

Bodegas Bleda really took off when Antonio Bleda García took over at the helm of the company, making it a pioneer in bottling and exporting Jumilla wines. This was previously unthinkable in a region traditionally focusing on bulk wine and local trade.

With our vintage wine Oro Viejo, a unique gem we continue to make just as we did at the turn of the last century, Antonio Bleda won the Gold Medal at the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition, and our “Castillo de Jumilla”, created as a tribute to the town’s most emblematic monument, has been travelling old Europe for more than sixty years.

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We have always been firmly committed to making top-quality young and aged wines, thanks to the extraordinary dedication of everyone who has been a part of the Bleda endeavour over the past four generations, from the vineyards to the winery.

Taking into account the example set by those who came before us, each year we strive for the most exquisite combination of flavours, aromas and colours that the grapes and our land have to offer. We do so through a rigorous selection process in the vineyards and by combining artisan winemaking and ageing methods with more modern vinification techniques available in our facilities.

The facilities

More than one hundred years after it was founded, Bodegas Bleda moved its headquarters to Valle de Omblancas, more than 550 meters above sea level, alongside our precious vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. We are aware that traditions must be adapted to fit the times but believe it is very important to preserve the accumulated experience passed down from our predecessors in the company. So, the winery has moved into the 21st century by fully refurbished its facilities to feature the most cutting-edge winemaking technology.

The winery has climate and humidity control systems throughout to ensure our wines are properly stored from pressing to their time in the tank, ageing, bottling and storage until they leave our warehouse.

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Production Plant

And Tanks

All of our tanks are made of stainless steel and have temperature control systems. This allows us to monitor the wine throughout the vinification process.



We use French and American oak Bordeaux barrels from one of the most prestigious cooperages. They are meticulously monitored to ensure they have the right temperature, humidity and exposure to light and noise to allow the wine to rest without sacrificing quality in the ageing process.

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Our bottling plant cleans, fills, corks, labels and boxes the wine, ensuring the process is completely sterile.

Professional Tasting


We offer our clients an elegant space opposite the Barrel Room to discover the quality of our wines in optimal tasting conditions.

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