Harvest time at Bodegas Bleda

After several weeks of very intense work, Bodegas Bleda winery team picked the best grapes bunches during the harvest to elaborated our wines. Another year, we have reached the end of this great time of work in our winery, tired but happy.

Bodegas Bleda started a very special harvest at the end of August and usually ends at the beginning of November. Our red vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Syrah and white grapes Sauvignon Blanc vineyards are located in the Omblancas Valley. Their cultivation is done on trellis and with a drip irrigation system to make sustainable use of the few water resources of the area.

White varieties harvest starts at the end of August because their maturation is faster than that of the red varieties. Once the harvest of the white varieties is finished, we continue with the red ones: Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. And almost at the end of September we started with the queen of PDO Jumilla, the native and always amazing Monastrell.

Our Monastrell vineyards are more than 700 meters above sea level and are grown in dry land. Our vineyards are located in the Finca de Casa Los Pozos, with a large area of ​​land and low production that is harvested by hand, “by force of kidney”.

Harvest was done by the family and the help of some neighbors of the nearby plots in the past. Nowadays Harvest is done by skilled and formed workers for the crop. It is a hard work, so it must be done by experience and skill people in the harvest.

Formerly, the transport of the grapes was carried out by cars pulled by cavalries in the past. The cars waited in the vineyards until they were completely filled and moved to the cellar pulled by horses. Currently the grapes are left in stainless steel trailers or food grade tarps and are transferred to the winery with the help of tractors.

The harvest comes to an end during the first weeks of November, when the cold is coming. At the end of the harvest, “matavendimia” is usually carried out, a special meal with Bodegas Bleda winery team as a season farewell.