Divus, Bodegas Bleda’s author wine, on the way to its 20th anniversary

Divus, emblematic wine of Bodegas Bleda, was elaborated with the new millennium. Its first vintage dates back in 2000. This wine started a new way in the wines of the area: high-end DO Jumilla wines.

This wine is made from grapes of our oldest Monastrell ungrafted vines, located in a place “Casa Los Pozos”, in the “Termino de Arriba” of Jumilla, in the south of Peña Blanca. That plot is called “El Navazo” the grapes are carefully selected for our Divus. The ground is mainly brown limestone soils with varied lithography, abundant sand and gravel materials abounding with limestone. They are stony soils, poor in nutrients and with good permeability, very favorable qualities for the production of great wines.

“El Navazo” plot is more than 700 meters above sea level, and its productive performance is among the lowest in the entire Jumilla Denomination of Origin. The grapes form small-medium clusters with a very high concentration. It means, lower production of grapes but the higher quality of the grapes. Many of those organoleptic qualities can be found in Divus.

Divus  Monastrell

Monastrell grapes harvest are picking up by hand, avoiding damage of the grapes in “El Navazo”. The Monastrell grapes usually reach their optimum ripening point around the second half of October.

Divus only elaborates those years in which the quality of the grape is considered adequate to obtain the best of the wines.

Once in the winery, a careful pre-fermentation maceration of the grapes is done at a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks for 15 days, at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. For the ageing process, the wine was kept in new French oak barrels with different toasts between nine and eleven months.

Divus does not undergo cold stabilization processes. These procedures are used to eliminate the natural substances that could settle in the wine bottle, producing what we know as “grounds”, but also subtract flavor and aromas. Therefore, Divus is a completely natural wine, with all its qualities intact.

Divus is a wine of great complexity, very intense and deep cherry color and violet glints. Very bright nose aromas of spices, red ripe fruits. In the mouth it is tasty and rich with balsamic notes; full body with good acidity and rounded tannins. Long and remarkable finish.

Divus DO Jumilla

Better to open the bottle for a while before to be served and unfold its entire bouquet. In the absence of a decanter, just open the bottle and let the wine oxygenate for a few minutes.

Divus is a perfect partner with: stews, white and red meats, cured cheeses, beef stews, rice and meat paella. We encourage you to try it even at dessert! With candied fruit, dark chocolate, nuts …

Divus medalla oro bodegas bledaDivus is a very special wine, with character and a unique style. Its different vintages have got many awards and excellent scores in International Contest and specialized publications; having obtained throughout its history 91 points in Wine Spectator, 90 points in The Wine Advocate and 90 points in the Peñín Guide. Many others have been added to the Gold medal that won his first vintage at the International Wine Salon: up to three times he has received this award at the Concourse Mondial de Bruxelles, two at the Berliner Wine Trophy, two others at the prestigious Bacchus. It was selected the Best Spanish Wine Trophy and Gold Medal at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition of 2013. The last vintage, Divus 2015 has been rated as Top wine in VIVINO Wine Style Awards, and has received this 2019 Gold in Gilbert & Gaillard with 92 points, as well as the best Oaked wine in the DO Jumilla Quality Contest.

What are you waiting to try Divus?